The pace of our world and lives today is so rapid that it is easy to feel overwhelmed, unable to move forward, and out of control. I have always believed that life doesn't have to be this difficult.


I help women take control of the stress in their life so that they feel better, have more energy, make better decisions, achieve greater success at work and at home and live the life they were meant to live!


I coach, mentor, and guide women using proven strategies and techniques, including HeartMath® coherence, to manage stress and enhance their lives.


The mission of PurposedPotential is "to help women take control of the stress in their lives and help them live the life they were meant to live." Find out more on the Services page.

Hi, I'm Barb.

I have always believed that we have control over a lot more than we believe possible.


I grew up on a farm in New Brunswick.   It was the beginning of a ready-made introduction to the importance of being a self-starter.  Farmers by nature are optimistic and quickly learn about stress and factors that are often beyond their control.  I think this foundation gave me a great start and understanding of factors that can be controlled and what cannot!


I experienced life similar to what many of you have: I am a mom, was a single parent, and supported family demands, all while working full time in a successful career.  Over time I lost my  focus and the resilience to handle all the stresses that were present in my life.  I decided that it was time to give some serious attention to how I managed the stress and pressures that seemed to be overwhelming me.


Using organized processes I came to understand my triggers and responses to stress, and then I found solutions and strategies which I have used to cope and manage my stress level.  These techniques have enabled me to take charge of my lifesyle, my choices, my emotions and to control the way that I respond and perform under stress.  In fact, many people tell me that they are attracted to my calm, action-oriented response in the face of chaos–something that has been developed over time using these strategies and resources.


Thus was born PurposedPotential.  I have always believed that life does not need to be difficult.  I want to empower others to live the life they are meant to live.  I want you to understand how you can take control of your reaction to stress and get good at it!  Relief is in sight.  Time to take control and live the life you were meant to live.  Once you have tried it there will be no looking back.

Barb Fletcher
Certified HeartMath® Coach


Our mission is to transform stress and chaos in our clients' lives into order and ease. We help people discover and live the lives they meant to live!

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