What is your opening line?

So you are at a social event, how do you connect with others? Does conversation come easy? How do you decide who you want to speak to? Have you ever thought about this? Let's explore a little!

There is literal vibrational truth to such expressions as being "on the same wave length" with someone. There are people to whom we have a closer vibrational relationship than others - people who we can feel closer and more connected to within a few hours of meeting them than we do to the people we have known our whole life. The people we connect with in these ways are Kindred Spirits, and they are members of what could be called our vibrational tribe or stream.

I am always really excited when I connect with someone, have a short conversation, and discover that we are connected well beyond my understanding. This happened to me recently when I connected by chance (or so I thought) with an entrepreneur in Australia. Go Figure! Our experiences were very different: she a few years younger, a beauty queen and very successful business woman; my background is a civil servant, CEO of not-for-profit in the aging field, and now coach and entrepreneur. My business name is PurposedPotential, one of her businesses is Potential Realized.

We shared a few calls, she has interest in my work, and me in hers, and when we chat by Skype it is like talking to a longtime friend. . We both feel like we have know each other for years. What are the odds?

"Being in tune with yourself is key for getting in tune with others" Click here to tweet this!

To better recognize, appreciate, and be more open to these kinds of connections, I focus on coherent conversation. What does that mean? Becoming coherent is really about establishing a state of composure, where you add energy to your system and you can easily respond in a neutral way to the experiences around you. In other words, you won't find yourself over reacting to situations.

To get there, I focus attention through my breathing on my heart area and imagine that my breath is moving in and out of my heart. Once you have reached this level of composure, you'll be in a mindset to hear and focus on the essence of the conversation. It will truly amaze you how conversations unfold. Allow your intuition to take you the rest of the way.

Those opportunities to “connect on the same wave length” will occur more often and you'll be amazed at how easy they come along!

If you would like to hone your communication skills, the ability to connect effectively, and experience positive outcomes in the conversations you have daily, click here to connect so we can see what might be possible.

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