Learning to Swim – It is not what you think!

If you have read my blogs you know that I love to find the lessons in my everyday life. This lesson arrived early on Sunday morning in an unexpected way. That unexpected occurrence creates a stickiness that makes lesson retentions easy.

It is never too late!

We live on a lake and have done so for a few years. We have three “Aussie’s”, two-toy size and one mini Australian Shepherds. The toys are female littermates born on a special day (10/10/10). They are as different as night and day. Sky is lighthearted while Blue is much more serious. Sunny the later addition doesn’t take them too seriously, however he can be a fierce protector.

Over their lifetime, we have spent much time on the beach, in a boat, and near the water. Yet they never actively swam. Recently I have been more focused on taking them to the water – throwing some rocks – just beyond where they are. An interesting thing happened: they enjoyed the anticipation of where the rock might land and grew more comfortable in varying degrees.

The interesting thing for me was that Sky, the littlest, least serious got clear on wanting to be the fastest to get there to find the elusive rock and forgot that she did not know how to swim. Before she knew it, she was moving with ease far beyond the limits of the other two.

The others were not happy about this at all, Blue in particular. Blue would walk out to reach her and growl, questioning her achievement. Sky on the other hand was enjoying the freedom just that far away from the disgust of her sister! When they came out of the water, Blue required some “redirection” as she quickly assumed her Alpha role. Sunny did not resist, he was just disappointed that the rocks were a bit further than he was prepared to venture.

Lessons learned :

  1. If your focus is strong enough, you will forget about your limitations and what you think you don’t know enough about, including your FEAR.

  2. Not everyone will be happy about your new skill – could even be your Sister, but that's not a reason to stop feeling the joy!

  3. Practice allows you to go further and feel more excitement!

  4. Anything is possible no matter what your age (in dog years Sky is 40)!

  5. Even the smallest can lead the pack. Who would have thought?

  6. Sky clearly found her heart! Well beyond her 11 lbs, perhaps more when wet!

So if overcoming fear, learning, living like anything is possible sound like something you would like to feel, lets connect. I may be able to help. Book here for an exploratory call.

With love and appreciation,


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