Do you serve coffee?

When people gather together is it your first inclination to serve? Are you interested in helping others? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the rest of this post will be of interest to you!

Being of Service shifts your thinking, shifts your focus and changes how you feel.

A few weeks ago I attended a community meeting in a local senior’s home. The conversations focused on what the next 20 years will look like, and what planning should occur in our town. How do you prepare for a disproportional growth of seniors and all of the related challenges?

A small group gathered and the conversation was both interesting and filled with new elements that you would not ordinarily think of. Time passed, and eventually an elderly lady arrived with her walker. The community meeting had been clearly planned in her day. She was impeccably dressed, nails manicured, make up on, hair done, lots of attention to detail. Upon asking, she introduced herself as Winnie.

For some time, Winnie quietly sat, observed and listened to the goings on. We noticed her get up and move to a counter where large urns of tea, coffee and snacks were located. Before long she was delivering two cups of coffee to nearby tables where people were sitting. She did this several times, quietly going about her business. No one had asked her, she just saw a need and jumped in. Now I have to tell you, I was fearful that she might tumble as she carried the coffee two at a time.

The final trip saw here bring a large handful of cream, milk and sugar. The look of accomplishment on her face was both satisfying and remarkable; she clearly did not feel stressed as she served the group, and everyone drank the coffee out of respect.

Many lessons came to mind for me:

  1. Winnie had planned for attending this event

  2. Winnie took delight on being of service

  3. She saw a task and jumped in with out asking.

  4. Winnie was there to contribute.

  5. She didn’t focus on what other people thought, she was her own person!

Life can get in the way of us planning, being of service, taking initiative, contributing and being your own person. Stress is one of the greatest distractions. One of the quickest ways to get back on track is by managing our stress!

Take back control of your life, and learn to live like Winnie with minimal time commitment! Join the Pathways to Potential program, a 5-week online group course that will teach you tools to reduce stress and fulfill your potential. Find out more here!

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