How many of you take photos with your phone?

Does it seem like you take multiple shots of the same thing? Do you feel like you don’t want to miss a moment, so you just keep pressing the button? No harm, no foul; that's me for sure!

A recent conversation I had with a friend focused on this very subject. The conversation went something like this... people are taking so many photos, but are not enjoying the moment! We reflected that people never give their ample photo collection a second look. I hung my head, feeling a bit guilty... then over the weekend I saw the world differently!

This weekend I got challenged big time in my thinking. Facebook complied pictures for the first 11 months of 2016 into a video called The Best of 2016. It arrived privately for our consideration. As we watched the video, we reflected on how much we had actually done, places we had visited, adventures we had, and experiences we shared. That was when my perception started to shift.

Editing the video revealed a few extra moments, and allowed me to remove some of the photos which didn't 'pass the approval rating' (so to speak). This exercise caused further reflection of the photos on the phone and an expanded view of the last few months. We began to relive the excitement, gratitude, and happy feelings that took us back to each experience and all of its richness. This practice is like a super power, allowing everything to fall back into place.

Unintended Benefits from this exercise:

  1. We took time to reflect

  2. We celebrated accomplishments

  3. We relived the excitement of the past

  4. We did a complete review of the 11 months

  5. We gathered excitement and strengthened our mindset

The valuable lesson for me was that the technology associated with Face Book had done us a big favor! It had started our day off in a positive way, strengthening our mindset.

This strengthening of our resilience is really about tapping into our heart power (super power). It is all about coming to understand what emotions actually strengthen you. Do you find yourself feeling drained and reacting in ways that you would sooner avoid? Finding your super power is not that hard and if you would like to learn how to tap into it, lets do a discovery call.

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